Amidst Mysterious Circumstances
yemen: Houthis Announce the Death of Air Forces Commander, Subjected to American and Saudi Sanctions 
- Sana’a Sunday, 06 August, 2023 - 05:58 PM
yemen: Houthis Announce the Death of Air Forces Commander, Subjected to American and Saudi Sanctions 

[ Ahmed Ali Hassan Al-Hamzi ]

.The Houthi group announced, today at the capital of Sana’a, the death of the air forces commander, Ahmed Ali Hasan Alhamzi


.Sheba agency, managed by Houthis, said in an obituary statement by their Ministry of Defense and the presidency of the Army General Staff, that Alhamzi got died after suffering from illness


.The obituary statement got satisfied with saying “He passed away after suffering from illness” without unfolding about the illness nature


.Alhamzi comes from Marran area at Sa’ada province, the main stronghold of the Houthi group. He was of no announced role before he was suddenly appointed on the head of Houthi air forces at the beginning of 2019


.He got appointed by Houthi on the head of air forces despite of being of no military status. He rather received training at Iran and owes allegiance to her, according to Alarabia channel


.It’s worthy to say that Saudi Arabia included, in September 2021, five military leaders from the Houthi group on her own terrorism list, among of them Alhamzi


The Saudi presidency of state security said, in a statement, that classification based on the anti-terrorism crimes system and its financing, and in line with the security council resolution no. 1373 (2001), and latter relevant decisions,  targeting that who are introducing support to terrorism and terrorist acts.


.The appointing of Alhamzi, on that time, was as a successor to the Houthi prominent commander for this position, Ibrahim Alshami, the first responsible for launching ballistic missiles and drones, that was also killed under mysterious circumstances


The US had also imposed sanctions on the Houthi commander Alhamzi, said about him “the commander of the Yemeni, Houthi-allied air forces and air defence, further to drone aircraft program. He received Iranian-made weapons that used in the Yemeni civil war, received training at Iran”.


.At the end of last year, the UN included Alhamzi in the sanctions list issued by the Security Council, as a major player in the Houthi military efforts that threaten peace, security and stability in Yemen